Sunday Morning Happiness

                       I love going to church, it’s the highlight of my week besides Bible study and small group. From this sentence you can probably tell I am not your average college kid, but let’s not get into that now. Today is Sunday which for most people is the day to get ready for the week and they wish that Sunday would never come because the day after of course is MONDAY, ew. I on the other hand love Sundays, especially Sunday mornings. I love getting up, getting ready, making a real breakfast of eggs and bacon, toast instead of instant eggo waffles and cereal. I get into my little subie and drive 20mins listening to all my favorite Christian songs, humming along as I admire the lovely country like scenery before I hit the highway. I get to go to church today, I don’t have to work, and I don’t have any other obligations. I worship my Lord the best when I sing, even though I am not a very good. There is something about the way the band of instruments come together, piano, violin, guitar, drums. They stir my soul better than any fancy cooking mixer could. I feel so light and content after a service, relaxed, settled that God is in my heart and will take care of me as long as I promise to follow Him, but it’s over too soon. As soon as I get in my car and arrive home, the relaxed, happiness and love I felt fads away. My mind is too quickly consumed with the worries, anxieties, and the mile-long to do list of the upcoming week. Can the Sunday morning happiness ever last all day?  Is it hard for us to remain in the mindset of a Sunday morning church service all day? All week? What could we do to make it last? Pray? Read the Bible? Write? Do something good for something else?  Sing? I bet it would, at least I know for me it would, but why don’t we just save Sunday as our day, our WHOLE day for God and not do anything else but just that. In fact we should be doing that all day every day, but for Sunday we can be extra intentional about it. I bet if we all really kept Sunday for God, our week ahead would fly by with ease or at least give us more strength to get through it.

Til next time….



Written July 26th, 2009 @ 7:21pm


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