Filled by Spirit and Food

                       If you have read my about me page, you know that I am shy and that it takes me a while to warm up and be more talkative. As a result of this going to gatherings where I don’t know many people that well, make me have social anxiety, a very mild case, but still anxious. But tonight was different, well almost. My goal this summer or one of them has been to become more involved in my church, get to know the people better without having all my regular college friends around. Why? During the school year I began to try to be intentional and be involved in something a group or gathering in the church so I signed up to do small group and gained 3 friends who would have never met if it were not for the group. Since it was such a positive experience, it made me see that there are many more people out there than just my college peers and that they could turn out to be such a blessing! So, this summer since most of the college students were home, I took the change to branch out more. I joined a Bible study, which is co-ed. I like that it is due to the fact that I don’t really have lots of guys who are friends or many interactions with them besides a team or school setting, so getting to form friendships with guys is great. I also love diving into the word on a day other than Sunday. It helps me survive the week even stronger. Tonight we had a church event called Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Where you are randomly put into groups with people you don’t know and eat dinner at someone’s house. It was announced in church and bible study but it went in my ear and out the other. I figured I probably couldn’t go cause of work or some other obligation which is usually the case and I felt like being with a group of strangers was stressful, so I brushed past any thought of me attending. But the pastor’s wife called me up and asked if I wanted to participate and since she knows of my goal this summer of meeting new people, I couldn’t say no. Driving up I was nervous, I thought, “It’s going to be so awkward to make small talk and I probably won’t know anyone.” But when I arrived I recognized faces and even though I didn’t know them, I began to calm down. We introduced ourselves, which was probably the most anxious part of the night for me. I never know what to say about myself, other than my name and where I go to school, but it turned out pretty good. I mentioned swimming which sparked some conversations, what I was studying was helpful too.  Some of us talked about books, our walks, where we are in our lives, etc. It was such a good night and even though it was a bunch of random people after the night was over, they weren’t. I bet on church on Sunday when we greet each other I’ll have that many more people to greet! I drove home tonight full, not only from tacos and ice cream, but by the spirit of Christ and the new people I met. I challenge you to take that extra step and go out for that club, ministry, or talk to that person you’ve been sitting next to every Sunday, you never know what may come of that one little step!

Bye for now!


Written July 29th, 2009 @ 11:08pm


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