It’s been awhile…big changes

I haven’t written in a long time, but now that I am going abroad to SCOTLAND! next semester I better get into the practice of writing more often! 😀

Thanksgiving was actually good this year. We as a family usually do not pray before we eat even for Holiday meals, but this year my parents and family were all waiting for me to say one. I was surprised but delighted. I feel like maybe what I believe is starting to make some impact on my family. Not that big of an impact but a small one which is better than none at all.

We only have 2.5 weeks left before Christmas break and while everyone else is wicked excited, I am more hesitant. It’s not the work, I’m actually staying on top of that for once, it’s just that, I won’t be back next semester and my apartment is just so amazing, I kinda don’t want to leave and have to say goodbye. It sounds so lame, but I feel like these 5 other girls have been such a blessing since August! They are all amazing and beautiful in their unique ways. I have learned a lot living with them and we share lots of funny memories. I guess I just do not want to have to say bye. A couple of the girls are seniors and I might not ever see them again. Another is studying abroad for two semesters! It just crazy to me. I guess I don’t do well with big changes, but we are family. Another big change is that my beloved small group is coming to an end. My leader is moving to the deep south to be apart of a church there where her husband will preach. I am happy for them, but it’s just we’ve all been together for like 2 years. We’ve gone through and shared so much. It will be weird not to have our weekly meeting around her kitchen table that has seen us through so many dinners, dramas, and hilariousness! Big changes are ahead, the only thing I can do is let go and let it happen.


One response to “It’s been awhile…big changes

  1. I’m glad you’re in an apartment situation that you don’t want to leave. That’s a blessing – even if it was a short-lived blessing.
    love you

    PS: Dramas? what dramas? 😉

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