Fire Fall Down

First of all, let me comment on this beautiful weather we are having on this day December 3rd, I am wearing a tee outside! Although I am getting kind of worried about that global warming things because it’s happening if it wasn’t it was most likely be snowing now. Pretty busy day. Got more Scotland stuff figured out, room is set, tickets ordered, all I need is that visa and I’m all set, for the most part anyway.

Last night we had an Evening Chapel service on campus and it was so awesome. Usually we have chapel during the day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but once a month they have it at night instead. It’s more relaxed with so much more singing, which is how I worship best so I love going. Last night was amazing, the most amazing service I’ve been too besides that one at Calvary when I cried during Mighty to Save. We sang through 4 songs and heard our worship director speak about really paying attention to God instead of just sitting back and waiting for him to amuse and entertain us. It was a good reminder. Then, we sang a couple songs, were dismissed but if you wanted you could stay and sing along more. I was standing next to a couple girls, but the rest of the row decided to leave. I made a deal that if those girls left then I would too, but if they didn’t I would stay, also if I felt I needed to go I could because I had an escape route. The girls stayed so I did too and I am so glad I did. It was so totally a God thing. We sang this song called “Fire Fall Down” by Hillsong. At first I didn’t like it because I didn’t know it well enough to get “into it” , but the chorus part stuck and stuck a cord in all of us who were there because at the end of the song we just kept singing it over and over. So much I began to feel light and floaty, feeling God’s present all around me. Everyone that was there at that moment we were all friends, we all loved each other, and no one ever want to leave. It was a service I will remember for a long time… that is for sure.

Listening to Christmas music waiting for small group to start, we’re going to paint mugs at this cool place called Glazed! It’s our last group meeting 😦 Sad.

I leave you with the chorus of “Fire Fall Down” by Hillsong

Your fire fall down
Fall down
On us we pray 
As we seek

Show me Your heart 
Show me Your way 
Show me Your glory

One response to “Fire Fall Down

  1. I think that song came out when I was around your age. 😉
    Love you.
    Hope you sleep tonight…

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