Goodbyes and Lucky Sharp Pencils

Change, we all pretty much hate it and if you claim you don’t you are lying. There are boxes in the living room, my side of the bedroom, and in the kitchen. You can’t get to the closet or the desk or the fridge without stepping over something. You can’t miss that IT is going to happen. Three of us are moving out for the rest of the year, to go off on little adventures around the world and IT is going to happen by Wednesday.  There are a lot goodbyes happening this week and at least I will be returning, some people I have had to say goodbye too will not. It’s sad but also exciting because they are entering a new chapter in the book we called LIFE and I am just thankful that I got to share their latest chapter with them and a huge box of sharpened pencils. Which are very lucky 😉 Not saying that it has been easy, it definitely hasn’t especially with finals this week, it has been hard to concentrate properly but it has also been a nice distraction at the same time. Its hard at night through when things are quiet except for the normal creaks that the ceiling makes and the occasional group of college guys running around in thongs blowing off finals stress, that is always amusing 🙂 But when all that settles and I can just hear my roomie sweetly breathing I get nervous, but nervous excited, my life is going to change, everyone’s life is going to change and that’s pretty scary in itself. Scotland is going to be both fun yet difficult. My support system is here, in America. There is nothing to rely on in Scotland YET. BUT there is someone I can always rely on no matter what and that is God. I think this will be a good step into getting to know Him better away from everything that is familiar. It will be hard and I think I am ready and prepared, but there is this pang of sadness, insecurity, and anxiety. I like the way things are now, I like my apartment, my churches, and my life here, but there is a part of me that needs to leave for a short time, I need to find more about myself and my relationship with God. It may be scary but I think I am ready to take that giant leap across the pond

…. but for now I must return to studying and enjoy my time here before I begin to think about my time there.

Til next time,



One response to “Goodbyes and Lucky Sharp Pencils

  1. I think you’re ready too. And don’t forget to take those lucky pencils. 🙂

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