Edinburgh, Scotland!

I have made it to Edinburgh, Scotland! It was quite the trip over, the 6.5 hour flight was easy, I just slept the entire time, literally woke up and we were in London, England. I met a couple students going to Edinburgh University which helped me a lot because our connect flight to Edinburgh was cancelled. Apparently, they got the biggest snowstorm since 1960 and everyone freaked out and closed the city down! So, this girl Ellen and I decided we would travel together and thank God, He sent me her! We had to fill out all these forms for our bags because everyone that was suppose to fly to Edinburgh had to take coach buses and since the airport had our bags we had to claim them as delayed. Quite the process! I am so thankful Ellen was there! We arrived safely last night and our bags are supposed to come either Monday or Tuesday. I have some clothes and clean underwear, thank goodness, but I hope they come sooner than later. My room is pretty small but I like it a lot. Once I get it all decorated I will post pictured.
Today we had orientation, which was very similar to Gordon’s freshman year, but the university is spread out all across the city, so it was a little challenging to get to places, but my flatmate Lauren and I went food shopping which was a unique experience. Smaller than home, but way cheaper and busier, they had lines all through the store! Now we are back in our flat, I am attempting to get organized for classes tomorrow. I have Scottish Literature at 12:10-1pm, then Art History 5:10-6. I have Thursdays off which is a nice break, but I have to add another class, so that may change.
There are many clubs here to choose from as well as sports, so I will keep you posted on what I chose and such!

Thanks for reading!
I’ll try to write about my first day tomorrow!


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  1. Pictures! Give us pictures!!!

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