We Are Never Alone…He is always with us

Today I was beginning to feel down again about the whole I don’t party and my flatmates hate me blah blah… I’ve talked to everyone at home about this and today we had a Christian Union meeting and my small group leader Don, who is in his second year of uni and studying divinity, came over and introduced me to some of his friends and was being such a nice guy and all. He sat next me the whole time, which was so good because I didn’t want to look like a loser. We had a time of worship and prayer; they are very big on reaching out to their non-Christian friends that makes sense since -1% go to church! We had a time of prayer and I kind of just broke down and told him that I wasn’t really doing that well with the partying and finding friends. He so understood.  We were asked to join into small groups and pray for our non-Christians friends, so when it was my turn I prayed for my flat and he put his hand on my shoulder. I don’t think in like a bf/gf way just like finally someone reached out and understands! He then introduced me to these 3 girls that live near me and one actually lives on the floor below me.  They are so nice and very like me! I am so happy! We went out and got hot chocolate! I felt so much joy! God answered my prayers so quickly and I reminded me that I am never really alone, I’ve had God with me the whole time and can talk to Him whenever I need to. I def. need to pray and have devo time. I praise and thank him over and over. I def. think these girls will stick with me and we’ll get to know each other more! I am so happy. Tomorrow I am taking a walking tour of Edinburgh so expect some more pictures! I might go to the movies as well. Sunday I might go to a church with my new friends and then Index afterwards. Oh, Index is a college youth group. We are going on a retreat next weekend and I’m super pumped for it since I’ve never been on a retreat before. Thank you all so much for loving me and praying for me. I love you all so much!

Blessings all around,



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