Your ID card is magic here in ole ye Scotland!

This weekend was sort of uneventful. I have a cold, which makes me very tired, so I kind of just lounged around. Sunday I went to a different church but it was still ok, I think I am going to stick with Carrubbers. Going on a retreat this coming weekend where we will be focusing on Joy in Philippians. I am so excited because I love Philippians and a retreat will be a great way to meet people!

Got behind on my homework, but right now I am catching up in the beautiful New College Divinity Library. It was a feat to find some place to study since I still do not have my ID card, yes it is very annoying! 😛 There are no public libraries which seems odd to me, the University has plenty but everyone in order to get in there is only card swiped access so I can’t get in those or even the National Scottish Library either. Its kind stupid but at least you can feel safe. Someone let me into this library thank God; my back was starting to kill from lugging all my stuff around. I did some reading on Paul, to figure out if he was a power hogged person or not. He’s not. Then, I worked on some reading for Lit. and it’s all in old English. If you have ever taken Bird’s Western Lit. class, one of the books you need to get is The Cadbury Tales and on side of the book is old English and the other is Standard English, try to read the old English, its like a whole different language. They gave us this guideline but its not really helping me much. I’ve tried to find the Standard English version but its not around I guess. I hope we get to read some Standard English soon. I also have an art history presentation next week, not really sure what I am doing but someone is going this week so I can see how she goes about it. You are truly on your own here; there is no writing centre to have people look at your papers or anything so you kind of have to figure it out on your own. Which can be a good thing or a bad thing too.  A little guidance here and there wouldn’t be so bad.

I keep having dreams of home, random ones, but funny and pleasant nonetheless. I try to post more pictures, especially from this upcoming weekend. Look out for postcards, they will be arriving soon!

Love to all,



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