Cromie Croft is my new favourite place!

Hello All!

I had the most brilliant weekend! I went on a retreat with my college group here. We went to this place called Cromie Croft, picture: rolling green hills, snow-capped mountains, and lots of sheep! Plenty of fresh air as well. I was feeling really low and nervous on the bus ride there because I was worried about making friends, but that completely melted away once we got there. I was in a “cabin” with 9 other wonderful girls, whose love for Christ was just glistening on their faces. We were a small group and after each session we would discuss questions and just talk fun as well. These girls became my friends and I was able to share with them how’ve been feeling and we prayed together. It felt like Gordon and Calvary put together. This guy named Phil led our sessions, Phil on Philippians it was called. Pretty funny. Anyways, he is a missionary who travels to Indonesia and did lots of amazing things to help people come to know Christ. We had a bit of a cultural difference when we were in this session called Joy Sappers. He said that we being naval gazers were one of the joy sappers and I didn’t understand this. No one was asking what that meant and so I assumed I was the only one who didn’t understand. Since this was during the 3 out of 4 sessions, I had made friends, so I felt more comfortable in asking questions. So, I asked what that meant and he said looking at your bellybutton, still confused, I asked, “Like Legit?” He got this confused look on his face and we all just laughed. It was awesome. But naval gazing is when you pray you start off with praying for others then go towards yourself, and its better I guess to start with yourself and then pray for other. It was an interesting concept.

We had a Calieh that is traditional Scottish dancing, with traditional Scottish music. It was serious the best time I’ve had since I got here. The guys are not all awkward about asking you to dance and it’s so much better than clubbing. I loved it! I danced the longest jig with a guy named Jonathan. He is so nice and such a good dancer. He is so kind and sweet. As you can probably guess I kind of have a thing for him! It was just laughing, dancing, fun. After we roosted marshmallows at a bonfire and just enjoyed each other’s company. I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to stay there with these amazing people for the rest of my stay here. I got to have some daily time with God and actually really pray. I took a walk down some trails and sat in a tree and just was in deep prayer. I loved it. I realized how much I need it. God has blessed me and taught me so much already in these 4 weeks, it’s just truly amazing.

Last night I went to my small group Bible study. It’s a Uni. CU (Christian Union) one with people close to where I live. It was again fun and so relaxing. We got there had tea, coffee, and Don’s (the leader) homemade chocolate cake. We chatted for the first hour then we read a couple verses in Mark and discussed sin and had discussion with guiding questions. We also talked about our churches, did highs and lows, and prayed with a partner. My partner was named Rachel and I just love her. She has so much energy and friendliness. As most of my group knows that I don’t like to party and my issues with my flatmates, she prayed about it with me and I just felt a great sense of peace. We are going to try to get together soon to study and watch movies. I can’t wait, she seems like a solid friend.

So, before I left for the weekend I wrote my flatmates a letter, basically telling them my testimony. We had a meeting last night to talk things through and it went well. They were a bit confused of why I wrote it but I told them I just wanted to explain that I wasn’t avoiding them and it’s just that I have serious reasons why I don’t do certain things. We are all going to try to what we do up a bit, going to the movies some times, outing to dinner, and dancing. They also said they don’t care if I don’t want to drink but that doesn’t mean I have to miss out on the dancing. I really didn’t think about that but they are right I can be sober and dance. So, things are better in that department. We all have tons of work and with reading week aka reading day for a week with no classes, we all decided to buckle down, so we will probably be watching movies for a bit which gives me relief.  I actually have a paper and a presentation due next week and I really need to get on it. I’ve been going to the library now that I finally have my ID and it is amazing! I love it! So, that is keeping me motivated to do my work.

I hope you all are doing well! Look for postcards in a couple weeks as well as some surprises!

Love love <3,



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