Music Connection

My parents are here this week and it’s been great! I’ve been to so many famous Scotland places, the Castle, the Zoo, Ocean Terminal, and yummy restaurants that are usually too expensive for college kids! So, it is strange that I feel slightly homesick tonight. I had to do an assignment for my Scottish Lit. class and I felt like it was too quiet and I needed some good music. I put my iTunes on shuffle and continued on with my work. It was hard to stay focused because every song that popped up reminded me of a friend from home. Like for example, Galway Girl just ended and it reminds me of Ktong, Slipe, and Havs, the road trip to NC, it made me think of all the great times we’ve shared together and just how even though the four of us only knew each other for 2 years ago it seems like we’ve known each other much longer. Another song was Give Me Your Eyes, which was a song Kate introduced me to and reminds me of her and apartment 210. Just the way Kate can pick up on how you’re feeling, her cuddles, and goodnight hugs. I miss 210, our mornings and Saturday lazy afternoons. Nat’s stories, Kayla ad Mary’s epicness, and our crazy do the dishes sign lol. More songs came by that reminded me of dance and high school friends, some reminded me of church, some of freshman year at GC. It was random that each song had such a specific person, group, or memory attached; usually it’s just a bunch of songs I like. It was comforting and enjoyable, yet slightly sad because am so far away from them, but being away had made me realize how many amazing people I know and how much I appreciate their friendship and love. Each group or person has helped shape who I am and who I will be. It just amazes me; memories can be attached to anything, sights, smells, and basically any of the 5 senses. Every song tonight is a friend who stops by for a visit without ever having to go across the pond! To all you out there, I love you, I appreciate you, and I am so thankful and blessed by God for having you in my life.

What makes you stay or feel connected?


One response to “Music Connection

  1. ker! i feel the same way about songs! it’s crazy how music can do that. anything by sara evans makes me think of you:) hope you’re having a great day, friend.

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