Goodbyes and Back On The Path

It has been a bit since I wrote last, but a lot has happened. I got together with a friend from home and it was just so good to catch up and vent a little as well. We are both emotionally driven people so she can understand the need to vent. It was so hard to say goodbye, I cried and told her to take me home with her. Kind of pathetic but she represented the sense of community that I’ve been missing since I left 10 weeks ago. It was harder than saying goodbye to my parents because my friend is graduating this year so it’s a little harder to see her than my parents, but no worries I miss my parents too.  After everyone went back home, I was just in a bad funk. I definitely was slacking in many areas of life and felt just mopey. I lacked the thirst for the Word and being in communion with God. I felt my spiritual life was in the gutter, but I knew where to turn for help and many of you have helped me get out of this funk and back on the path God has laid for me. Its still a challenge but I have a lot of amazing people who love me holding me accountable for getting into a better healthier routine and motivating me to read my bible, journal, do artwork, and pray.

I’m tired today, had a really crazy nightmare last night, which I will not go into detail, but hoping for good dreams tonight. The weather is getting slightly better, but still coldish. I got an amazing package this past weekend, filled with a bunch of things from my home church. I love it! It came at the perfect time.

Well, I’m sleepy! I will try to update more consistently. Love and Prayers for all -Kp


One response to “Goodbyes and Back On The Path

  1. Love it that you’re still doing artwork.

    Stay strong.

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