Week 12

My time here in Scotland is coming to an end; at least it feels like it. Right now I am on spring break for three weeks. Which does seem like a lot of time, which is good because I have a lot of stuff to do: apply for housing, classes, seminary, as well as studying for finals, and planning for summer. For summer this year I will most likely be working with my Dad at Kane’s Flower World, I really would like to just stay at the Y but if they can’t give me full time hours I will have to work at the shop. Either way it’s a job and I will do whatever God has planned. I also would like to just spend some time at home. Being away for 12 weeks has really made me appreciate home and the people I love. I will be involved at church, playing softball, going to the beach, and hopefully going to GA to visit Mandy and Drew for a weekend. I also need to start my resume to get ready to apply for a job! Scary! I am so looking forward to going home, but there are still some loose strings that need to be tied up here in Edinburgh. There are some exciting things I am still looking forward too: Hannah is coming to visit me from Oxford, England to celebrate Easter. She arrives on Friday. Saturday we will travel to the Highlands and Sunday will with worship at my church and climb Arthur’s Seat. I also will get to Skype with my family during dinner. I will miss this weeks traditions that usually happen at home: the Maundy Thursday Service, Sunrise Service, hiding eggs for the egg hunt, dying eggs with the Samuelsons (Though Hannah and I will dye eggs!). But I am still excited that I can be with Hannah for Easter. I might also head to England as well to visit my friend Rachel for a week, but those plans are up in the air at the moment. Right now all my flatmates are away, I don’t know for how long, but they left behind a mountain of dishes for me to take care of before the cleaning ladies come. I don’t mind, its fun to be alone for a little while at least. Although having a no pants party is not as fun without my swim team girls. Hehe! My relationship with God has been growing a lot and just this past Sunday our college group had a purity talk that was so helpful and a good reminder for me. The woman who gave the girls talk is named Emily. She has been so helpful to me during my stay here. She’s almost like a mom here for me. She is easy to talk to and understands the difficulty of coming to a new country. She went to the Master’s College in Cali before moving to Edinburgh with her husband Mikey. They have 3 adorable kids: Anna, 4, Elijah 3, and Rosie who just turned 1. Anna and I enjoy playing “Going on Holiday” Rosie is a such a happy baby and Elijah is just so adventurous. I always feel so much better when I get to spend time with their family. I am so grateful for their Christian fellowship. When I told my mom what I learned she asked me if I was going to become a nun, that hurt a little, but I just had to explain some things more to her to help her understand. Some day I hope my parents will understand why I am so involved in church. I pray that God will grow in their hearts. Right now during my daily time, I am going through the Chronological Bible. Right now Moses is on the mountain, learning about the 10 commandments. I am also reading Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot to shed more light on the purity talk from Sunday. I really love it so far. I haven’t been journaling as often as I would like, but that will change soon. Artwork as well will be happing more often. I have the time so I might as well use it well. I have plenty of things to keep me busy until I fly home. I can’t wait to step off that plane and see familiar faces of the ones I love.
Until next time,


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