Snow Day!

Today was a pretty slow day. I did some artwork, watched The Lovely Bones and at the moment I am watching the Blind Side and I can already say go watch it, its amazing! The weather here has been crazy, monsoon winds, rain, and we even got some snow! Which means that practically the whole city shut down. I am hoping that it clears up before I have to go to work tomorrow! The power almost went out a few times, but I’m safe and warm in my flat. It’s eerie to be alone, especially during a storm, but there are some friends on other floors if anything was to happen. I have plenty of food and movies to watch. I also need to work on editing my Seminary essays and start studying for my finals. Hannah is hopefully arriving on Friday night, hopefully the weather will let up for her to safely arrive! In other news my friend Kp might have had her baby sometime today! Which to me is exciting, it’s a girl named Zoe. I can’t wait to be able to hold her when I return to the States. Also, God has answered my prayers for my summer job dilemma and I am happy to say that I will be working full-time at least 30 hours at the Y! I am so thankful! Here are some photos of the snow and some of my art, it’s not like amazing but I enjoy painting a lot. Stay dry everyone!


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