25 Things

25 Things I miss:
1. Gordon community
2. Home
3. My bed
4. My friends
5. My kitties
6. My churches
7. Familiar people
8. Sour patch watermelon
9. Chapel
10. Home cooked meals
11. The pool
12. Warm weather
13. Being able to run barefoot in the grass
14. Playing with children from church
15. Samuelsons
16. TV shows
17. Library
18. A familiar supermarket where I know where everything is
19. Annie’s Mac and Cheese
20. M’s ziti
21. Going to swim meets to watch A and N
22. Fro-yo
23. Go-go-ghetto in Jessica’s jeep
24. My home shower
25. The smell of the ocean

25 Things I WILL miss:
1. The view from my bedroom window
2. The fact I can sit and read on my window sill
3. Being able to walk anywhere
4. My church
5. My friends
6. The Lutherman Family esp. Baby Rosie
7. My swimeasy kids
8. Sour gummy cherries
9. Getting packages and mail from home
10. Skyping with parents and friends
11. SHEEP!
12. Travels to Highlands and St. Andrews
13. New College Library
14. New Testament 2 class
15. The lamppost that glows at night
16. Royal Mile
17. Church’s Café for lunch
18. Always Sunday Café for coffee
19. Long Sundays of church and walks with Peter
20. The church clock that dings out the hour every hour
21. Haggis, nips, and tatties
22. Hollyoaks, Skins, and Supersize vs. Super skinny
23. Snow that is only a dusting
24. Index
25. SHEEP!


2 responses to “25 Things

  1. awww those pictures warmed my heart. Miss you, Ker.

  2. Thanks for including us in your list. Hope you enjoy the new photos on FB:)

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