Someone I love very much always tells me this and it isn’t until she says it that I actually take several deep breaths. I am a worrier and a comparer. I tend to worry constant and sometimes I “forget” to give them to God. I hold onto them until they fester inside of me and then they take over. This happened yesterday as you can probably tell. I’ve been worrying about the volcanic ash that temporarily disables me to go home, the final exams that are occurring in 2 weeks, and just other random worries: am I eating right, did I remember to fill out all the paper work I needed to do, am I managing my money well etc. These are things that all need to given to God, placed on his altar and prayed about. It’s a struggle when you’re all wrapped up with worry and does not help when I compare myself to others. I think this is something that I struggle with a lot. I know it is not good to, but I do. So, I am growing and learning how to deal with it and just trying my best to do God’s will.

In other news, I tried to explain to my mom why I liked to go to church and why it’s important to me. We even got to discuss being saved. She still doesn’t think that the Bible has much to offer her in the everyday or why she needs to go to a “building” to talk to God, but I did my best to explain it the best way I can and she promised that she will go with me to Calvary once a month!! That’s all I could ever ask for. I am glad she talks to God and prays. Now, she just needs that little extra information to put it all together. I think she has built a strong relationship with God especially when I was born. She actually told me the real story this time, I was actually 5 weeks early not 2 and we were both dying, especially mom. I did not know this part. She said even when she was at her weakest she prayed to God that I would make it. She said, “God, please let her live, she is here for a purpose!” God answered her prayers because here I am and she’s here too. I wished she had shared this with me earlier but God does everything in time and I really believe that she will be committed to Jesus in her heart really soon. I ask for prayers for her. She’s really being overworked at her job, she’s going through, “The Change”, and she just feels life is bearing it weight on her. Please pray that she keeps an open mind about the God stuff and may God lighten her load for a bit so she can regain some strength.




One response to “Just

  1. Proud of you… for both paragraphs.

    Take your birth story and hold on to it. We’re all miracles, but you especially. Let that give you confidence, Keri.

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