The Story of Feelix the Bear

As many of your know I take this bear with me where ever I go overnight. The story of my Bear Feelix is quite interesting. He was “born” at the Mall in 1987 and was given to me on the day I was born on Sept. 30, 1988. He was too large for me then and for a while he sat on a little doll bench for years until I was big enough to actually hold him. I didn’t really like him though, not at that young of an age. He wasn’t colorful or sparkles; He was just a plain old brown bear who wears a Christmas nightcap. When we moved from Haverhill to Newburyport. I had a playroom in the basement and Feelix got stuck down there on that old doll bench, collecting dust for years. It wasn’t until the 8th grade and I was 14 years old, we were cleaning out the basement to make another bedroom and I discovered Feelix. Most of my other bears/stuff animals were too small for me to properly cuddle with, but he was just the perfect size. I washed him up and from that moment on he remained the number 1 stuff animal. He has travelled to amazing places, like Spain and Scotland. He loves the swim team, especially when he played a part in the boy’s tricks. He also loves when we get to go to Gordon College, where he has made many new friends. Feelix is getting older, he no longer has a nose and he’s really getting too thin, but I think when we get home from Scotland I will fix him up nicely! He has been a great help while we’ve been here in Edinburgh. My mom didn’t want me to bring him, but I insisted, I’ve never been anywhere without him and there is no way he could be left behind. I was so right, sometimes when I am so upset, homesick, or feeling a little lonely, a nice cuddle with him makes me feel better. He’s my bear, I will always love him, he’s been with me forever, and he knows everything about me, and all my secrets and loves me. I don’t know how he will react if I ever get a significant other to cuddle with, but as for now, he knows right where he is needed and where he belongs. I love you Feelix!


4 responses to “The Story of Feelix the Bear

  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I have my Felix still too and he plays a major role in my life. Here are a couple blog entries he posted “himself”

    • So cool!!!!! That’s so awesome!!! I’m 23 and he is still my best friend and cuddle bug at night! 🙂


    I still have my Feelix too!!! I stopped traveling with him for fear he gets lost or what TSA will think of him 🙂

    • AWw! Isn’t he great! I just turned 25 and I still sleep with him and sometimes even when the boyfriend is over! 🙂 a great beloved bear!

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