Lessons about Safe and Thank Yous

So, my time here is almost up and while I will spend most of next week studying, taking my last final,packing and saying goodbye…it‘s a weird time of bitter sweetness and excitement to return to my hometown. I went on yahoo today to check my mail like usual and noticed some news from the US. A car had a bomb in it in NYC and a major oil spill happened. How did I not realize this? I feel bad that I have not been keeping up with the news, but on the other hand it’s been a joy not to have to worry about what I do not know. I’m sure there are things here in Scotland that are going on that are just as bad, but I’ve been thinking that maybe Scotland is safer than home at the moment. I came across this quote in a book I have here called Wintergirls, a dark book, but speaks some truth. “There is no safer. There’s not even safe, never has been.” This quote always makes me stop and think no matter how many times I’ve read it. The only safe is in Christ. That’s the only answer. I mean bad things will still happen whether you believe or not, but having Him in my heart makes me feel a little safer. There are risks in the everyday whether you are walking down the street or going to the airport. If there is no safe, how do we keep moving and doing those everyday things? I hope one day that safe will be real and true. For right now though all I can do is believe in Him and try to feel safe through that. I have no idea if any of this makes sense or is even biblical but what else do I have to cling to?
Earlier tonight I said my thank yous to my church here in Scotland. Tonight was the night to do so as many of those I hold dear cannot make it next Sunday which will be my last here before I head home in the morning on Monday. Here is what I said,
“I just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you while most of you are here tonight. I leave Edinburgh to go back to America in a week. Back to my little seaport home in Newburyport, Ma, back to my small college, and my churches. It took me 3 months to finally feel settled here and now I have to leave. A few days ago a good friend asked me what my favourite part of Edinburgh was? Some may think I would say the castle, my classes, or even seeing sheep, but no these is not my favourite part although the sheep comes pretty close. Crubber’s is my favourite part. You all have been so kind to me, listened to my worries and hardships, and being so accepting to have me come into this family. I don’t think I would have survived without you all. Index is really special and I think what we are taught here is so important and will help us reach others to Christ as well as grow together in Him. I wasn’t able to properly talk to my mom about why my faith is a huge part of my life for 3 years, but because of the things I learned here I was able to really explain why and now she has been praying and promised that she will go to church once a month with me. I thank you for helping me gain the confidence to do so and for your prayers. I also want to thank Emily and Mikey, who opened their home to me, let me hang out with their awesome kids, and Emily’s yummy home cooked dinners. Emily thanks for being an amazing friend, mentor, and mom when I needed it. I appreciate your love for God in your life and how everyday you try to show how God is working in your life. I love you guys, this church, and its leaders. I have been so blessed by every one of you. Feel free to come visit me in America! I’d love it and I hope to visit Edinburgh again soon! Thank you.”
I’ve come a long way since January and grown so much in my faith. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to come home because I’ve been used to so much freedom and time, I know this will change with working at the pool, living with my parents again, and figuring out what is going on for next year. They said it would happen, the culture shock of returning home. I figured it wouldn’t happen to me because Scotland is not too much different than home, but it actually is. I know the next month and perhaps even the summer will take me a while to become re adjusted to home life. I do not regret coming here, I’ve learned so much and have been impacted by amazing people. I will never forget my time here. I have been truly changed for the best and hope to take what I’ve learned here home. As for the next 8 days I will be taking a bunch of pictures and begin packing up the pieces of the life I’ve made here. It’s a process, but so worth it.


3 responses to “Lessons about Safe and Thank Yous

  1. Sounds like you are processing things well, Keri. This is good!

    And I love how you spelled “Favourite” – very european of you. 😉

  2. girl, i’m proud of you.

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