What’s in a Name?

Tonight at Women’s Bible Study we were talking about names and what they mean. We wondered if the meaning of our names coincided with our personalities. So, I decided to look up a bunch of names of people that come to my mind and see for myself if they are similar to their name meaning. It was fun and killed time while I watched crazy finals-driven students race each other in the rain down the hill on computer chairs-gosh I’m gonna miss this place!

Keri/Carrie – Country of the children of Ciar, dark-haired girl, the name of a county of Ireland
Jean- Scottish, God is gracious.I never knew my middle/name meant that.
Keri-Jean- Dark haired girl for whom God is gracious- cool but I don’t have dark hair.
Amanda/Mandy- She who must be loved, active, bright– heck yea
Drew- Man, warrior
Emily-Rival; emulating, hard working
Anna-Grace; favor, one who gives, prayer
Belle- Beautiful, Intelligent
Bella- My God is a vow, Devoted to God– I really like this one
Rosemary- Flower
Lena- The bright one, light
Elijah- My God is the lord, God the Lord; the strong Lord- what a name to have!
Mikey- who is like God?
Andrea- warrior, brave
Eve- Life, living, lively
Nicole- Victory of the people
Claire- Clear; bright; famous
Marcia-From the god Mars
Ann- Grace; favor, grace. God has favored me. Prayer.
Eden- Perfect, pleasure, delight
Lauren- honour and victor
Elizabeth- My God is a vow
Alden-old friend
Kristina-Follower of Christ
Jessica- Rich. God beholds.
Laura-honor and victory
Kristy-Follower of Christ
Rachel-Sheep or lamb- Number 1 favorite name! SHEEP are AWESOME!
Lindsay- the linden tree island
Margaret- Pearl
Diane- God, divine
Caleb- bold.
Peggy-Pearl, child of light
Gail- gives joy’ or ‘my father rejoices
Shirley- Bright wood; bright meadow; from the white meadow
Nancy- Favor, Grace
Peter-Rock or Stone- I’d say Rock fits him best
Hannah-grace, favor
Zoe- life


2 responses to “What’s in a Name?

  1. Keri, I cannot wait to see your beautiful face and hear about all these wonderful adventures. 🙂

  2. Wow… that’s a cool idea. I’ve never done that! I’m starting to like my name now. 🙂

    Soo… guess you gotta dye your hair!

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