Re-connection in process…

Sorry its been a while, still attempting to get re-connected. It’s a process. Work is finally in its summer set schedule, so no second-guessing crazy schedule. Also, babysitting, pet and house sitting. Will probably pick up some extra hours at Old Town Country Club. The loan situation is a slow but steady process. Going to Gordon tomorrow to figure out what’s up with my classes because right now I am only a part time student so I need to change it to a full time student so I can get the total for the year which is what I need to finish my loan app. Crazy.  I joined a summer bible study and so far am really enjoying it. It really helps me to feel connected and reminds me to be in communion with God. Also now with the summer set schedule I can go to church! I am feeling more “normal” despite the fact that I still dislike going on the computer, which is lame because that’s how I communicate to everyone! I’m sure I’ll get over that quite quickly.

I’ve been reading lots of good books lately, my most recent is Trusting God which I didn’t get to finish when I was reading it when I was still in Scotland. I am also going to reread Redeeming Love, such an amazing novel about how God wants Love to be like. I am trying to journal and paint more. I love to paint in the summer and fall for the good colors and weather.

What else is going on? Just the usual; hanging out with Kt and the kids when I can. Might get to go to the Cape for a weekend this summer, which would be amazing since we haven’t been on a vacation since like the dance cruise. Starting to eat better and start training for swim team. We have sheets that coach sent us. I really want to be in top shape before the season really starts so a. it won’t hurt as bad and b. it could really help me get to champs. I want to add running into that mix as well. I got my hair cut finally today. Just below the shoulders with lots of layers! It looks pretty good and feels so much lighter. It actually makes my face look so much more shaped.

I get to redo my room this summer. I am going to paint it really light lavender and get a new rug. I have to go through all my things and throw away and organize every little thing. I like doing that though, getting rid of clutter and coming up with new designs to make my room, roomier. Mom wants me to get rid of my bookcase because its so huge it takes up half a wall, but where would the books go? Idk. We’re going to have to see. Getting exciting about Gordon, more once I get the loan thing figured out. I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve been on campus! I can’t wait to decorate my room and meet the girls on my floor! So pumped!!

Tomorrow I get to have coffee at Panera with my Bible Study leader which I am really excited/nervous about, then going to Gordon to figure out the class and loan situation, then work 1-6, but not too bad a day really.

Well its 12:34am, haha 1234! And I should really get some sleep!

Til next time!



One response to “Re-connection in process…

  1. Hey girlie!!
    Just hopped on here to see how you’re doing. Time to write another post. 🙂

    Tell us about what you’re most excited for next year – and what you love the most about New England summers. And stuff like that.

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