Day from Hell on Earth

So, I am about 4 hours into my shift at work teaching and in the span of about 1 hour:

-A lady yelled at me for misunderstanding what I said and will probably tell on me at the front desk which will get to my boss, greeeaaatttt

-A 1 year old fell off the stairs into the water (she’s ok just a tumble and thank God her mom and I were right there, still scary)

– Someone pooed in the lap pool, so we had to move all lessons into the warm water pool and we didn’t know how long we were in there with the stuff

-We had to vacuum the pool 3 times, shock it, brush it; vacuum again, then put the automatic vacuum in all while we are trying to do lessons

-Freaked out that we might get sick from all the nasty crap that’s in the pools

Its 1:00pm now, do you think I really want to go back to work after all this went down? Not really, but I have to. I’m so done with working at this place right now, so done. We are short staffed and overworked. Honestly, we are just still kids ourselves and it’s really difficult dealing with parents, subbing for other people’s lessons, and guarding, all with just the 3 people on today (including me). Hopefully the rest of this day goes better. I guess the saying is right: things have to get a hellvah lot worse in order to get better again. How worse though? Really?


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