Home or basically “Keri’s Going to Gordon College Finale”

Two of the most brilliant and amazing women Betsy (http://betsygettis.blogspot.com) and Sarah (http://rootedandfree.wordpress.com/) both wrote about home today and inspired me to do the same. We are all getting ready to go back to school for our final year of college! Nervous yes, but way more excited! Move-in day is in exactly 1 day and 12 hours! If you’ve known me for a while now you know I get set to pack at least a week or two in advance, which makes sense because I usually help out with Orientation, but this year I decided that I would work longer. Big mistake but today is my last day of hell. Excuse the swear but it is needed when you just a young lifeguard and swim instructor and parents treat you like crap. Anyways, Gordon College has been my home for the past 3 years and there is no other place I know quite like it. I don’t need to wonder where my home is, it’s at Gordon! Except unfortunately I can’t stay much past this year unless by some miracle I get to work there!  I packed up as much as I could in one day of clothes and stuff. I was extra choosey this year, but I already have to come home that first weekend for a wedding and then again for Labor Day weekend to work, yuck, but I want to be able to make my room look cool and comfy. This year I chose to live in a single in a freshman dorm. Y’all probably like why? Well, many of my friends are still going to be abroad and many have already graduated so I figured I could make some new friends and maybe be like a helper on my floor. I figured all my older friends were such help for me still during my Gordon experience and I want to give back. I am nervous, there are still things that need to get done. Like, financial hold, finalizing classes, and some where in there I so need a haircut lol! I have realized though that these “stressors’ are not so bad and I want to do them so I can just jump right into Gordon come Wednesday and just enjoy every little second of this year.

I have always loved fall time. I love the beginning of any school year, new clothes, new supplies, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and just the whole structure of it all. After this crazy summer that is exactly what I need right now. I NEED chapel, prayer before class, and just those awesome lazy Sundays playing Frisbee on the quad. Its what I count down to all summer. It’s so close to being here but yet still so far. There is a lot I want to accomplish this year and goals that I want to meet, but whatever happens I just want to be at Gordon with everyone and take in every moment. Like the song, I really don’t “wanna miss a thing”! Gordon is my home and I have one more year left before I have to move on, so I’m going to live it up Gordon style!

Keri’s Goals for Senior Year

  1. Get As and B’s
  2. Train hard for swimming and take is seriously so I can compete at champs.
  3. Make new friends
  4. Make my relationship with God stronger
  5. Try to be more active at Calvary
  6. Read the Bible versus of the day in a Chapel
  7. Be a leader on my floor and team
  8. Help out with the women swimmer’s bible study
  9. Fly out to NC, GA, or CA to see my peeps.
  10. Get out and play!
  11. Work hard, save money to get a car
  12. Get resume and cover letter done first semester’
  13. Sign up for spring track
  14. Have as much fun as possible!

One response to “Home or basically “Keri’s Going to Gordon College Finale”

  1. Fly here! Fly here!!! 🙂 We have lots of Cheerwine!

    And, did you notice that you used the word “y’all” in your post? haha

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