Class of 2011!

Well, I did it! I graduated! After months of downplaying it and struggling through the semester I, along with about 383 students graduated the class of 2011!  I can tell you I’ve been dreading it as I was dreading my high school grad. Its not that I’m not excited or feel accomplished but it means its time to leave the community. I thrive on community especially with church. Living in a community like Gordon’s for 4 years was a crazy, wonderful, stressful, and intense time, but I love it and I miss it everyday. Now I’m home, its summer, and I’m doing the same thing I’ve done for the past 3. Lifeguarding, teaching swimming, and babysitting. Now, nothing is wrong with that and although I do get burnt out by August, I really do enjoy teaching kids, but this summer is different. I won’t be returning to school in late August, packing up and moving into a new room. No more registering for classes, well except for that one more…grrr! I have to find a real world full time job for fall and the pressure is on.

My parents are freaking out which freaks me out. Even though they graciously allowed me two free weeks of vacation right after graduation, I still get hounded every day on what I did to get a job. It stinks. They think I’m just sitting on my bum all day, when actually I really am applying for jobs, cleaning the house, and trying to get myself organized and used to living back home! I know they are just trying to be good parents, push me, and they are worried about it too, but can we have a day where I don’t get woken up with, “Don’t forget to apply! Be good!” Or when they get home, “What did u do all day? Did you do this, this, and this?” Even if I had cleaned the whole house and organized the towel closet! Ok, enough about that. It’s just frustrating.

One good thing about summer is reading whatever you want! I rode my bike (no car privileges yet any ideas how to convince the rents???) to the library and got out a ton of books! I love reading and escaping into a different world, someone else’s problems, and just rest. Now that the pool is open I can float around, but I only do this in the middle of the day cause if I get caught being “lazy” I’d be really in for it. Ugh.

Haven’t really done much with God lately and I am getting that “feeling” again. I miss church at Calvary, I really do and it is really not fair how far away it is. I guess I need to make more of an effort to get transportation up there. I wish I had my car; there was so much I was going to do there. Softball, bible study, visiting Karl and Roberta, and seeing the Pastor’s new baby girl! Now I have to wait, but I should try to at least get a devo going and go to church close to home. I might check out Hope Community because I can bike there and they have similar music to Calvary. Gosh I miss Calvary so much!

Health wise I guess I doing ok. Stable anyways. I still get sad in the afternoons, but I usually plan something low key like reading or TV time to relax. It’s probably because it means soon that the rentals will be back home. I want to start running and using one of those tracker things online that does the programs and shows progress. I want to try to run the trick or treat trots and actually do a decent job. Someday I want to run the Yankee Homecoming Marathon! I would like to lose a little weight since I haven’t really worked out since January or the last time I swam. Eating pretty well though, just need to get on that exercise.

  I miss my Gordon friends and church peeps a lot. I realized that I don’t have a lot of friends around here. I mean I have a couple but it’s different. Sometimes I need a god-talk or just a hang out coffee time. I miss my floor, my girls. They were awesome! I always smiled and laughed when they were around. I miss their noises they make in the halls before bed and in the morning. It’s strange not to hear it. I miss the late nights to Lane to stock up on junk food and ice cream, to settle in and watch a movie. I miss helping them with things. I miss their little notes of encouragement and their overall love.

Well, I should go….need to get on this job thing!!!!

Love and blessings,


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jer. 29:11
Prayer requests:

  • For a full-time job starting in the fall
  • Help for getting along with my parents
  • Getting my car privileges back
  • Relationship with God

Summer Goals:

  1. Go to church
  2. Be on time
  3. Find a full time job
  4. Make new friends
  5. Grow with God

One response to “Class of 2011!

  1. It’s a new post! It’s a new post!

    And congratulations, Keri. Proud of you. And those summer goals rock. Add journal-painting to this list. 😉

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