Been There, Done That, Loved It!

I’m about to begin another Proverbs31 Online Bible Study and to get us in the mode, they encouraged us to write a blog post about either a previous study and a couple other options, I chose the previous study one because i was so motivated and just loved it so much! 

Question: Have you participated in one of our previous studies? If yes, which one? What did you learn or what was your favorite moment?

 I have participated in the “What Happens When Woman Say YES! To God” It was amazing! I needed a study as my church was in summer mode and takes a break from formal studies. It came at the perfect time because I was coming out of a dark season in my life and I needed new encouragement and regain some of the yes! attitude I had lost during that season. I learned a lot about how that having daily time with God to just listen to Him has benefited my life enormously! It has helped me deal with stress, emotions, and helped me work being with my students and coworkers.

            In the study we talked about a fresh vision. Taking pause in daily life to really focus on where we are going and making sure God is in it. I took this seriously and noticed that my prayer life was lacking. The way I like to pray is by writing in a journal and I realized I haven’t done that in over a year, so I got creative and made my own journal. I committed to writing in it weekly. It really has helped and looking back at the prayers I’ve prayed and seeing the outcome, it is super encouraging and keeping in communion with God strengthens our relationship and my life. Speaking of prayer and quiet time, we learned to find white space in our homes or wherever to escape from the world to really talk and be with God. My white space is my bike, riding to and from work. I am more intentional with my time on the rides, speaking to God, listening to Christian music, or just being quiet, listening. It was a good place for me to be intentional rather than my room or bed, when distractions are too easily distracting me.

            M favorite moment was when I recommitted my life to Christ and laid everything down at His feet. Being encouraged throughout the study to try hard to keep in communication with Him, to stay strong and not give into temptations and to be obedient where and when He asks me to. My life is just better when I am one with God, its not all flowers and rainbows but the attacks and my reaction to those are through the eyes of Christ and all He has done for me. He has brought me through many dark times esp. during my deep darkest pits of addiction. I am so thankful for the leaders and all who make online studies possible. It’s a great community and lots of love!

If you’re thinking about signing up, do it! You won’t regret it! Starts Oct. 13!


4 responses to “Been There, Done That, Loved It!

  1. So glad you enjoyed Yes to God and happy that you are back for another study!! Thank you for sharing what you learned from last study and what you liked best. Blessings and enjoy this study!!

    Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader)

  2. Hi! Just passing by to say hello & that I’m excited about the P31 OB study! Nice to meet you!

  3. Welcome to the Confident Heart study!

    So glad to see you there 🙂

    God bless you


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