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        We have been talking over at the online study at proverbs31 about how we sometimes need to take a pause in our walks of life to get a better vision and figure out where we are going and making sure God is with us and in it. This week was a little stressful and discouraging. My beloved Grammy had to get a pacemaker, which she came out well from the procedure, thank you God!  New full time hours at work, new students (and intense parents), and feeling low due to well, “women time”. I get really low, my anxiety and depression get blown up during that week every month and everyone else gets my wrath. I’ve been trying to work on it.

       Anyways, my fresh vision this week is to surrender to God all my worries, concerns, frustrations and praises. I tend to hold onto these things because I am ashamed that I don’t have it all together. No one really has it all together but I put up this veil that I do. I need to start really investing in my prayer life, so I decided to make a new journal and commit to start writing in it and writing my prayers in it as well. I like to pray that way. I think having a fresh new journal is like having a fresh start, a fresh vision. I pray that you use this fall season, as a kick off for a fresh start of living out the life God has for you.


“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a HOPE and a future.” Jeremiah 29:1


We were also encouraged to find white space. A place in your house or elsewhere, where we can be silent and listen to God, pray to Him and worship. I used to think this place was on my bed in my room, but I tend to fall asleep esp. this week as new hours and just general tiredness overcame me. I thought about all the places I could go, but none really stuck with me, then I realized that my bike is my place. I ride to work every day and night (yes its scary and I do have lights) But as I go to and from work, I talk to God, listen to Klove (a Christian radio station), or sometimes, esp. at night, I am just quiet. My bike is my white space place. I am going to be more intentional with my time and really use it as my God time. Plus it will help me calm my nerves as I get new students every day this week.            

ImageI encourage you to find that white space and spend some time with God today, He will help you find a fresh vision for your life!


Praying for you all.