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Dear Beloved Girlfriend

Dear Beloved Girlfriend,

            You are ready for this next step in life, to become engaged. You are doing things right, please stop trying so hard to always do the right thing. God has got your life in His hands and He wants you to be happy. Let go of the past, you have suffered enough, stop bringing it into the light, the now. Trust in Him to guide A and you. You deserve a life of love and happiness. Even though it won’t always be like that some days, above it all A loves you and you love him and A will see to it that you are cared for, loved and safe. Trust in the Lord always, pray together, spend quality time together, and talk. A loves you, really really loves you. I know deep down in your very heart soul, you know that he is the one God has for you. Stop doubting! Stop doubting that you could ever be loved, that you can’t contribute much, or are a bad girlfriend due to your moodiness. I think A has gone through enough “episodes” and has passed beyond flying colors. You need to let go and trust in God and trust in yourself and in A that this is right. That it is ok to love A, its ok to want A. I know you know it is. Break down the walls you keep putting up and breathe. Remember “you are loved with reckless abandon by the King of Glory. You are accepted and adored by your Maker. You are chosen and redeemed by your heavenly Father. (ACH, p.111)  God gives good gifts to His children, He is giving you A. Keep trusting and praying, together and apart.

You are going to be a fabulous wife and even more fabulous mother some day. A will be just what God intended for a husband and father. You need to trust in that. Be brave, sister! I know growing up is scary, I know you have been in the darkest pit for a very long time, but you are out now, you are in the light and it is time to shine. Enjoy the warmth and glow of the light.





Photo credit: Irene and Kenth Kunioo